Welcome to the future, a place to get all your Christian information needs.

20 Oct

One of the problems with today’s  Christian is that they actually have too many places to go when they want to find something related to their faith. It’s my desire to create a website where you can come to find a one-stop for all your Christian resources. To make it simple if you will. Some of the pages that I will be posting and opening soon will include:

*A prayer page where you can ask for, or you can come to pray for others.

*A news page. Where you can come to see what’s happening in the world, and how it pertains to your faith.

*A connect page. A place where you can come to connect to other believers. We can use this to promote groups, churches, events etc.

*A sound off page. A place for suggestions on how we can spread and unify the Body of Christ.
This is a brief explanation of what I am planning to do, and if you see something you think should be included, please let me know. I encourage you to sign up for the daily update and become a part of the community. Ultimately I would like to use this page to bring Churches, Denominations, and Christians together to become the light of the world again. What do you think?


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