Copyrighting God.

23 Oct

I’m a little confused lately when I see so many wonderful  Christian writers with much wisdom and valuable teaching with a trademark sign beside their writing. They insist on suing or reprimanding others if they inadvertently post something of theirs without the “Proper Permission.” Most of the times the person who reposted what was written didn’t even know they were required to do it. I was recently attacked for posting an article that was written by someone  without giving them “proper” credit (to this day I don’t even know what proper credit is, and I thought I was paying them a compliment by re-posting it). I just find it strange that someone would write a great article about Jesusand then insist on either making money off of it, or keeping it from changing someone else s life. To me it’s like saying, “Here’s the good news of Jesus, just don’t tell anyone unless you pay me or get my permission first.”

Now I know that there are a lot of people out thee already angry with me for saying this, and I’m sure they have a counter-argument that will make a great deal of sense, so let me clarify something. There are people like Rick Warren, Max Lucado, and many others who had tremendous success with their books, and gave a huge majority of the profits to ministries, and I believe that is the Godly thing to do.  In addition to that, I am not against people making a living off of writing for Jesus, it’s when they get greedy about it.  I also believe that most of today’s writers consider it an honor to have people use their writing to further the good news of Jesus. This little post tonight is for those who prefer to use the laws of the land over the writing of the Holy Spirit.

Today I wrote something that someone asked me for permission to post on their wall. If I write something, and you would like others to see it, you do not have to ask me for permission to let others read it. I write through the guidance of the Holy Spirit who is placing my fingers on the keyboard, so there is not copyright sign for that. If I feel led to write  something that may make a difference in bringing someone to Jesus, then don’t ask me for permission to show it to the world, I don’t need credit, just do it. If I am to get gain from it, then I will let God pay me, not a publishing house or pride. OK, I got that off my chest….what do you think?


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